Affiliate Cloaking... What It IS And WHY You
Affiliate Cloaking... What It IS And WHY You

Author: Affiliate Cloaking... What It IS And WHY You

Internet Cloaking... what IS it and are YOU CURRENTLY using it"s the issue?

That is right, this question apply"s to everybody else who actively promotes other companys products and services and/or services being an affiliate or is considering it because you could be losing BIG BUCKS out of your hard earned affiliate commissions because of the UGLY long affiliate URL"s that scream out... "I am An Affiliate" and scare any visitors and/or prospective customers away. Identify more on our favorite related encyclopedia by visiting linklicious wiki. We discovered by browsing newspapers.

Folks are very funny when it comes to first impressions this way online.

As an example, which will you rather work with?

A business with a URL like...


Now that I have planted that seed in your head lets move on from what "Affiliate Cloaking" IS and how it will help convert more of these potential customers into SALES!

"Affiliate Cloaking" seems pretty clear doesn"t it and it is really because all of your doing is replacing that UGLY long affiliate URL using a good cloaked( forwarded in a hidden figure), professional Domain Name just like the one I stated in the aforementioned example that remains "Sticky."

What do I mean by "Sticky"?

I just imply that the URL stays the Domain Name you decided once your visitor clicked on it and does not direct back to the UGLY long affiliate URL you started with, giving YOU, the Affiliate, a specialist look in the eyes of one"s visitors and/or prospective customers. If you fancy to learn new resources about reviews on linklicious, there are tons of databases you could pursue.

In other words, they"d perhaps not know if you were the Affiliate or the actual owner of that site. Visit to explore the meaning behind this hypothesis.

How"s all of this possible?

I"ll give three words.. to you. "Advanced Domain Forwarding."

There are numerous services online that provide this. Just head to Google and do a Google search.

Now, if your a significant Affiliate Marketer and/or are just getting started online with affiliate programs then that is something you"ll certainly want to consider.

Not just will you look professional in-the eyes of one"s visitors and/or prospective customers you"ll also be Safe- Guarding your hard earned internet commissions.

There-you have it, "Affiliate Cloaking... What It IS And WHY You Need To Be Applying It If Your An Affiliate Marketer."

Remember, first impressions matter, especially when your doing business on line..

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